Miyuki Mori

After five years of spa massage experience in Burke Williams Day Spa in San Jose, I started Blooming Touch Massage in 2013, to fulfill my goal.
I started massage for my father when I was a kid, and professionally trained at De Anza College in Cupertino, California, and earned the Certification of Proficiency in Massage Therapy. I also trained at Academy of Lymphatic Studies for the certification of Lymphedema Therapy. Prior to those training, I attend to Rising Academy in Tokyo, Japan, and trained and certified as a professional Reflexologist in 1998.
The goal of my bodywork is blooming your happy smile through my touch, which brings you a more relaxed and balanced body.

Miyuki Mori, owner, CMT, CLT
Certified massage therapist [CAMTC #13969] - 2006
Certified Lymphedema Therapist [ACOLS] - 2006
Reflexology Diploma (Japan) - 1998
AMTA professional member - since 2006


Blooming Touch Style

Blooming Touch is a therapy for the body and beyond in my unique way, which releases your physical discomfort and balances your energy.
My goal through this therapy is bloom your smile by supporting you to live with the beauty of well-being – your healthy growing and aging.
Blooming Touch is an alloy of bodywork and healing art.
The essence of bodywork is modified friction and finger pressure along with deliberately slow & soothing strokes, which relaxes the soft tissue without harsh stimulation.
The other core of this modality is sending heart energy, which goes where you need and tunes your balance. The benefit of energy work maybe/may not be obvious, but the blessing stays with you.
I'll be thankful to help you living with a fully blooming smile with the pain-free body.
Please contact me if you'd like to know more about Blooming Touch style therapy!