Blooming Touch is specialized in Lymphedema Therapy, Lymph Drainage, and Therapeutic Massage as well as Prenatal Massage. Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Energy Work, Kinesio tape session are available upon request. Please feel free to contact Miyuki for the detail!
Blooming Touch は、リンパ浮腫セラピー、リンパドレナージュ、セラピューティックマッサージ、妊婦さんのリラクゼーションマッサージを主に提供しております。リフレクソロジー、ホットストーンマッサージ、エナジーワーク、キネシオテープ・テーピングは、ご希望により施術させていただいております。詳細についてはお気軽にMiyukiまでお問い合わせください。

Manual Lymph Drainage

for both medical and wellness needs

Manual Lymph Drainage is a critical part of Lymphedema treatment (please see: Healthline), and also, highly therapeutic and beneficial for pregnant women, pre and post surgery client, and anyone in the need to enhance the function of your immunity system (please refer:Positive Health Online).
Lymphedema Therapy and for other medical needs:
60 min - $85
A referral and/or diagnose from a medical doctor/specialist needed. CDT (Complete Decongestive Therapy) is available upon request.

Lymph Drainage for the cleansing and wellness improvement:
60 min - $ 90 | half body or head & décolleté
90 min - $130 | whole body except head & face
120 min - $170 | whole body from tip to toe


Therapeutic Massage, Prenatal Massage, Reflexology and more

Therapeutic Massage
60 min - $100 / 90 min - $140 / 120 min - $180
     CBD & THC massage : $20
     Hot Stone Experience : $20
    30 min reflexology or Lymph Drainage: $20
Therapeutic Massage is in Blooming Touch style, and this is for the pain management and wellness improvement
Aromatherapy & Golf Ball Massage are complementary with Therapeutic Massage

Prenatal Massage
60 min - $100 / 90 min - $140
For relaxation and happy pregnancy:
NO prenatal massage during the first trimester, and pregnancy with any complication, please!

60 min - $80 / 90 min - $120
For balancing energy and empowering self-healing

Energy Work

Energy Work (based on Quantum Touch)

Energy Work
60 min - $100 / 90 min - $160
My Qutantun Touch based energy work is for balancing your energy and bringing peace in your mind.